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Rradhima is a small village located in the area called the Cold Water, just south of Vlora and just after the sea meets the rocky beach of the Albanian Riviera. It is mentioned in different documentations as a small settlement but never has been noted for anything. During the communism but more during the recent years of the democracy Rradhima has come to the spotlight of the touristic destinations. Recently has become of the most preferred places to go in the summer. The amazing beach, the crystal clear water and the beautiful panorama that the Bay of Vlora offers to you make Rradhima a place that you should not skip visiting. The village lies in a hillside facing the sea, like most of the villages of the Riviera. Rradhima is quite known for the economic profits that come from it especially for the cultivation of fruits and olives and other Mediterranean vegetation. In the recent years tourism is becoming one of the most important areas of incoming for the local people and new hotels are built to accommodate tourist. Not only Albanians, but also foreigners are visiting Rradhima more and more. The close distant from Vlora and its port makes it a perfect destination for some nice Albanian beach holidays.


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Hotel Dea 3 Stars

13168 Hits • Address: Radhime, Vlore, Radhime (Area map)

Less than 10 minutes from Vlore and only 100 meters from the sea shore, is located Hotel Dea. At Hotel Dea you will find the relaxation and commodity you were looking for in the Albanian coastline. All the rooms are fully furnished for a pleasant stay with air conditioner, hair dryer, toilet, shower and the showering products, cable TV, a desk, closet, wireless internet, etc. You can enjoy more your time there by having the private beach at your disposal. For you there are also two bars and two restaurants, where masterpieces from the world are served. You will surely never forget Hotel Dea.

Total Rooms: 30. Apartment 16, Family room 14.

Hotel Grand Aita 4 Stars

20747 Hits • Address: National road Vlore-Sarande, Rathime Albania, Radhime (Area map)

In the amazing Bay of Vlora, right after the sea waves touch the shore, is located Grand Hotel AITA. There you will find the comfort and relax you are looking for. In all the rooms luxury and comfort reigns with all the required facilities such as conditioned air, shower, satellite TV, Jacuzzi, wireless internet, mini bar, etc. The view from the balcony is breathtaking and the area itself is even better. The restaurant of the hotel will serve you the best specialties from fish cuisine and from traditional Albanian and international food. The private beach is one of the best you will find and a beach umbrella is reserved for you. It is for sure you will feel like in heaven in your time at Grand Hotel AITA.

Total Rooms: 24. Mini suite 6, Double room 4, Double + 1 Bed 14.

Hotel Ibiza 2 Stars

14867 Hits • Address: Radhime/Street`Vlore to Orikum, Radhime (Area map)

One of the newest hotels in Orikum is Hotel Ibiza. It is located in a very close distance to Orikum Beach and has every commodity for pleasant vacations. Hotel Ibiza is a new hotel but with very modern services and facilities. It is a family hotel and it offers traditional and international dishes. All rooms have conditioned air, cable TV, shower, minibar, internet access and any other facility to make your stay there more commode. There are also available rooms for non-smokers and a large conference room for every occasion. Parking is available too. Hotel Ibiza welcomes you all year long.

Total rooms: 10.

Hotel Krela 3 Stars

8210 Hits • Address: Radhime, Vlore, Radhime (Area map)

In the magnificent area of Rradhime in Vlore, right in the beach is located Hotel Krela. The modesty of this family budget hotel combined with the Albanian hospitality will make you feel like home. All the rooms are furnished will all needed equipment for a relaxing stay like air conditioner, hair dryer, toilet, shower and the showering products, desk, closet, mini bar, satellite TV, etc. for you there is also available the private beach and a chaise lounge. The restaurant offers traditional and international cooking for you. The modesty and welcome at Hotel Krela will make you enjoy the time there.

Total Rooms 10, Twin room 2, Family room 4, Double room 4.

Hotel Paradise Beach 4 Stars

14806 Hits • Address: Street: Radhime-Orikum 12th Km, Radhime (Area map)

One of the best hotels in the sea-side of the Vlora Bay is Hotel Paradise Beach. It is located along the national road Vlore-Llogara near one of the pearls of the Albanian coastline in Rradhima beaches and there offers its great services for families, individuals and businesses. It is one of the best hotels in the area for its modernity, facilities and services. All the rooms have standard services for your comfort such as conditioned air, satellite TV, shower, minibar, internet access, etc. Besides the commode rooms, for the clients has free parking and a private beach too. Also there is an outdoor swimming pool, a children’s playground, a conference room, sea on one side and green forest on the other one. The restaurant offers national and international food. The qualified staff welcomes you warmly all year long.

Total Rooms: 29. Double room 6, Twin room 1, Triple room 15, Apartment 5, Suite 2.

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