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Puka is a city located more than 800 meters above the sea level, one of the most elevated cities in Albania. In history is recognized as Picarea in the 2nd century BC as an important rest place of the road from Adriatic Sea to the tribes that inhabited the nowadays Kosovo but nothing is left from Picarea because of the barbarian invasions. The area in Puka was also inhabited by the Illyrian tribe of the Pirusts. During the period under the Roman Empire the town developed as a city where travelers could rest and there is a hypothesis for the name Puka, that possible is derived from the Latin Via Publica, meaning Public Road. During the Middle Ages Puka was one of the administrative centers of the noble Albanian families that ruled the mountainous region and the surrounding area. The most noted family was the Dukagjini family with Lek Dukagjini who wrote the Lek Dukagjini Code (Kanuni i Lek Dukagjinit). It was not much noted as a city during the Ottoman Empire and also latter on but in Puka and in the areas surrounding, was very developed the culture and folklore. The highlanders that lived in the area were rhapsodies and sang songs to the deeds of the Albanian brave men as well as legends about many mythical figures. Those folkloric creations are still alive today. Today Puka is a city with almost 7000 inhabitants and one of the most picturesque cities of the Northern Albania. Its remote location high in the mountains makes the city a joyful destination for some quiet holidays. In Puka it used to be a skiing resort because it is a perfect place for skiing in the winter due to the heavy snowfalls. Besides the high mountains full of forests, in Puka you can visit the ethnographic museum, the statues of the martyrs and notable people from Puka, the school where Migjeni worked, you can experience a live interpretation of the rhapsodies of Albania, etc.


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