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It is a city in southern Albania with a population of 43,000 and lying in the historical region of Epirus. Its old town is inscribed on the World Heritage List as "a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman town, built by farmers of large estate. The city is overlooked by the Gjirokastër Castle. Gjirokastër is the birthplace of former Albanian communist leader Enver Hoxha and notable writer Ismail Kadare.


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Hotel Bleta 3 Stars

8335 Hits • Address: Gjirokaster/Street:18 Shtatori, Gjirokaster (Area map)
Boutique Hotels
from € 25.00
per room

In the new area of the city of Gjirokastra offers its services to you Hotel Bleta. Located in the center of the Stone City, Hotel Bleta is a new hotel in the area and it offers of the most modern services and facilities like conditioned air, wireless internet, shower, minibar, satellite TV, parking, etc. Of the best quality service is offered in Hotel Bleta and the staff is very qualified and gives you a warm, welcome any time of the year.

Total Rooms: 15. Double room 10, Triple room 3, Single room 1,Suite 1.

Hotel Cajupi 3 Stars

14641 Hits • Address: Sheshi: Cerciz Topulli, Gjirokaster (Area map)

One of the best hotels of the Stone City is Hotel Çajupi. Located in the old museum area of Gjirokastra, in the Çerçiz Topulli square, Hotel Çajupi offers all services available to satisfy your desires. Hotel Çajupi (former Turizmi) is renovated recently and today is a hotel with contemtorary relaxing commodities. It has a well qualified staff ready to welcome you any time of the year. The accommodation in all the rooms is very commode with all the conditions like conditioned air, wireless internet, shower, satellite TV, parking and many other facilities and services for all your needs. In the restaurant with panoramic view of the city you can enjoy the best of traditional and international food. Unforgettable experience awaits you at Hotel Çajupi.

Total Rooms: 39. Twin room 26, Double room 8, Triple room 4, Suite 1.

Hotel Dea Kompleks 2 Stars

7495 Hits • Address: Gjirokaster/Shtepez/National Street, Gjirokaster
Budget Hotel
from € 30.00
per room

Along the National Road Gjirokaster-Tepelene is Hotel Complex Dea. It is a new one but with very modern 24 hour services. Hotel Dea has very comfortable rooms with very commodities provided by conditioned air, satellite TV, internet, shower, minibar, etc. Outside you will find a playground and an outdoor swimming pool for your children and also free parking. The hotel is surrounded by green trees. The restaurant offers great service and it is the self-service available too. The qualified staff welcomes you any time of the year.

Hotel Kalemi 3 Stars

18577 Hits • Address: Street Bashkim Kokona 14, Quarter Palorto, Gjirokaster (Area map)
Budget Hotel
from € 35.00
per room

In the old museal area of Gjirokastra, in Palorto, is located Hotel Kalemi. It is a traditional Gjirokastrian house over 200 years old restaurated and turned into a hotel, which now is one of the most attractive hotels in Gjirokastra. Everywhere in this hotel you will be surrounded by Albanian tradition handmade old objects that makes you feel like you are accommodated in a Gjirokastrian house 200 years ago. Even though old, the modernity is here too and is abvious in the restaurant that offers international food (besides the traditional food), in most modern services and facilities like, conditioned air, satellite TV, minibar, wireless internet, shower, quality toilet products, jacuzzi and many many others in all rooms. From the balcony you can be amazed by the panoramic view of the castle and the old area of the city. Hotel Kalemi welcomes you all year long and has very competitive prices.

Total Rooms: 15. Double room + 1 Bed 2, Double room 6, Twin room 7

Hotel Shehu 3 Stars

6724 Hits • Address: Gjirokaster/Street:18 Shtatori, Gjirokaster
Boutique Hotels

One of the hotels in the new area of Gjirokastra is Hotel Shehu. Is one of the newest, best service, most modern hotels in the area. The staff is well qualified and gives you a warm welcome any time of the year. Modernity characterizes this entire hotel with quality services and facilities such as conditioned air, wireless internet, shower, satellite flat TV, etc. Some of the rooms include jacuzzi, TV in the toilet, fireplace and many others to enjoy your staying there. Luxury is waiting for you in Hotel Shehu with a very reasonable price.

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Hotel Sokrat

Hotel Sokrat Hotel Sokrat
4 Stars
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