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Dardhe is a village located 1300 meters above sea level less than 20 kilometers from Korca. It is considered as one of the jewels of the Albanian mountains of the South Eastern Albania. In Dardhe. The village is considered new one, less than 3 centuries old. The legend says that was founded as a village of the rebels against the Ottoman Empire, the ones that escaped from the order of the Ottomans, the ones who didn’t paid taxes, the ones who didn’t wanted to convert to Islam, etc. They found a shelter in the stable under a pear tree which in Albanian is called “Dardhe”, which became the name of the settlement. It was well known and still today is in fame for the large amount of the snowfalls that comes in the winter. This makes Dardhe the perfect destination for a skiing resort and this idea used to be very early. In the 1920s in Dardhe was build the very first ski tow in Albania and one of the only ones in the Balkans. There are no documentations of the village from the Ottoman Empire because it was not under the Ottoman law but it is mentioned in a Greek encyclopedia in the 18th century. During the years the economy of its inhabitants was continuously maintained by forestry, small agriculture and they were and are also well known for providing wood. In the beginning of 20th century the village had more that 400 houses but due to emigration today there live about 1000 people. Today the village is visited in all times of the year for mountainous tourism. The snowfalls in the winter make Dardhe the best place for skiing and in the summer you can enjoy the surrounding mountains of the village.


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Hotel Dardha 4 Stars

12494 Hits • Address: Dardhe village, Korce, Dardhe (Area map)
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Hotel Sokrat

Hotel Sokrat Hotel Sokrat
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