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Borshi is one of the most visited villages of the Albanian Riviera. It is located in the middle of the National Road that connects Vlora and Saranda in a hill side overlooking the crystal clear Ionian Sea. The history of Borshi is connected to the castle that stands on a hill top overlooking the village in front of the sea. Because of its strategic geographical position it has always been important. The castle was build from the Byzantine Empire and was rebuild again by the Ottoman Empire. It was used for military purposes and has at all times been an important point in the war maps. Documentations say that Scanderbeg fought for Borshi and that later on it was part of the Venetian Republic and again went in the hands of the Ottomans. Men from Borshi have fought for the Albanian independency and also in the 2 World Wars to defend the Albanian lands. Early in time and also today Borshi was well known for enormous agricultural development, especially Mediterranean fruits, in particular olive production. The olive oil from Borshi is well known all over Albania. In the modern days, Borshi is becoming one of the top touristic destinations for people seeking a splendid beach in the Ionian Sea. With the longest beach in Ionian Sea of more than 7 kilometers, Borshi is well known for the amazing reviews for its clear waters and pebbles beach. You will certainly enjoy the green nature of the hills and the stunning beach.


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